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Connect Linksys BEFVP41 to Win2k RRAS

By R. A. Caluste ·
I'm currently using this:

Win2k RRAS -> PPTP <- Internet -> PPTP <- Win2k RRAS

I need to change into this:

Win2k RRAS -> PPTP <- Internet -> Linksys VPN Router (BEFVP41)

Can I setup my Linksys router to connect via PPTP to my Win2k RRAS PPTP Routing Interface? (It only goes up to Authenticating status then back to Listening)

There is also a Linksys option to create a VPN Tunnel via IPSec, but how do I set up Win2k RRAS (or ISA Server 2k) to accept the connection?

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by ccthompson In reply to Connect Linksys BEFVP41 t ...

Could you just get another End Point Linsys for the other end. Is there a reason to connect directly to RRAS?

The way I had it setup was two locations, with two VPN end points from Linksys. There was a constant VPN between the two locations.

Then, if you need remote access, just leave the proper ports open on the firewall section for RRAS, there is two you need to leave open for RRAS.

Worked good, been up and running for almost 2 years now. Cheap and easy remote access and remote facility setup.

Hope This Helps!

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by R. A. Caluste In reply to Connect Linksys BEFVP41 t ...

I've decided not to put a linksys router in front my my Win2k server, because it also host, among other server resources, my ISA firewall. Changing the order would require me to assign my Win2k's public IP address to the linksys router, and thereby require me to modify my existing network infrastructure.

Port forwarding should be my last option, but i wanted to know if there are other available options that I can try.

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