connect linksys WRT54G to a netgear prosafe vpn

By klotom ·
I need to configure my wireless router to work with my lan. I have a radio signal but can't connect to any computers or the internet. Here is how my system is laid out

internet-DSl modem(set to transparent bridge)-
NETGEAR VPN (5 WORKSTATIONS WIRED DIRECTLY TO vpn BOX) I want to add my linksys WRT54G to a port on the VPN. How do I configure this so I can comunicate with my LAN and the internet?

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If you are just looking to use the WRT54G as an access point and do not need the routing and DHCP services, just plug an Ethernet cable from the Netgear device into one of the 4 switch ports of the WRT54G. Also shut off the DHCP server on the WRT54G.

The WRT54G will just act like an access point and the Netgear device will still be controlling the network.

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IP address of vpn and linksys

by klotom In reply to Options

The ip address of the VPN is
I know that by default the linksys router uses that also. Do i need to manually change the IP of the linksys or will the vpn box assign it a new nonconflicting one

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Two options

You can set it so as the VPN will assign an IP address to the WRT54G or you can assign a static one. It might be easier to assign a static one such as 1.2 if that is not being used already. The reason for using a static IP address is that way you know what it is if you need to access the configuration web page later on.

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