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    Connect PDA to GPS/Modem device


    by mcfarland ·

    Objective: Connect Toshiba PDA e355 to a GPS/Modem to capture longitude/latitude coordinates that will work with MS Pocket Streets and provide access to the internet.

    GPS Unit:
    ? The GPS device is sold with a sophisticated fleet application (Telogis).
    ? The device has a DB9 connection for PDAs and laptops.
    ? This device has a wireless modem.
    ? GPS receiver is NMEA standard compliant

    I have attempted to connect a Toshiba PDA e355 to a GPS device by using a Toshiba USB host cable from the PDA to a Radio Shack USB to DB9 serial cable. It did not appear to be successful in capturing GPS information that will work with MS Pocket Streets nor did it appear to connect to the internet.

    ? Is this connection possible with the Toshiba PDA?
    ? Do I need to install a driver in the PDA for the DB9 cable to work? The cable came with an installation driver floppy disk.
    ? If a driver needs installed on the PDA, how can I do that? Is there a way to synchronize the PDA to a tower computer and pull the driver down to the PDA?

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