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I have all my files stored on office computer and i want a member of my staff to connect to my office pc - Whats the bestg scenario to use.. Is it set up a vpn or install logmein on pc..
Or is there an easier way.. Want to use the best way that works..

Would appreciate help..


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Scenario dependant

by lyallaust In reply to connect remotely to offic ...

I have had to use different approaches on different networks based on what the user really wants.

If the file sizes are large, remote network connections like VPN and LogMeIn will be somewhat slow and unworkable. Constantly connected programs like MYOB also tend not to like remote connections and can lead to corrupted databases.

The few times we have needed access to specialised data or programs I have ended up using the Windows XP Remote Desktop function, allowing us to keep the licensing for special programs and our databases in-house.

The rest of the time it is only email the end user really wanted, so mobile devices like Blackberry work out better. (assuming a good spam filter)

Small files like end of week timesheets and such just have them email. If you have no fixed IP and want to update small files, stick with LogMeIn.
I recommend email or a proper VPN because at some point you may want to keep a record of connections and what data was historically sent.

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some other thoughts

by wesley.chin In reply to connect remotely to offic ...

Is privacy a concern? One of the things that prevents the use of something like that here is privacy. The computers that each employee uses here is regarded as private. With Logmein, there is complete control and access of everything on the host machine....

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May be use super network tunnel

by sessw In reply to some other thoughts

a professional home and office http tunnel server, get it from

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by PC-guru In reply to connect remotely to offic ...

a vpn is all great and everything but require maintence log me in rescue is a good remote access tool ive used it quite a bit with technical support and its on of the better ones,

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by info In reply to well

Thanks very much guys for help and advice . I think i will go for logmein...
Thanks again all..

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