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By barcobus ·
Hi, I'm fairly new to Cisco

I've run into a unexpected problem. I have lost all connectivity to one on the switched on a network I manage.

The network runs A Cisco Uc520 Router, Wifi Router, Catalyst 500G Switch and Catalyst 500 switch.

We run 3 Vlans
1 192.168.10...
10 192.168.1...
100 10.1.1...

Problem is that the trunk link of the Catalyst 500 accidentally became assigned to Vlan 1 but with as adress. Thus I cannot access the device in any way.

I have tried Direct management through the admin funciont but can't seem to secure a connection.

I tried ssh, telnet and CCA, The reply I get is Host unreachable. I can ping it though but it won't allow connection.

How can I reset this switch so I can gain control over it again?

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Hope this helps you....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Connect to Cisco Catalyst ...

You might need to recover the switch software if the image is corrupted. A symptom of corrupted software is the switch continuously trying to restart.

Other reasons to recover the switch software are if you deleted the image due to a failed software upgrade and if you have forgotten the switch password.

Recovering the switch software involves deleting all switch configuration settings and returning the switch to its factory default settings. To return the switch to its factory default settings, follow these steps:

Step 1 Disconnect the power cord from the switch.

Step 2 Press the ADMIN button, and at the same time, reconnect the power cord to the switch.

Step 3 Wait until all the switch-level LEDs turn amber.

Step 4 Release the ADMIN button.

Step 5 Wait until the SYSTEM LED stops blinking green and becomes solid green. A solid green SYSTEM LED means that the switch is operating properly.

The ADMIN button should be blinking green. A blinking green ADMIN LED means that the switch does not have an IP address yet.

Step 6 Set up the switch, as described in "Setting Up the Switch."

Step 7 Use the Cisco Configuration Assistant to upgrade the switch software.

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