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    Connect to Internet on one computer but not another


    by sojorner828 ·

    I have a wireless network at our church where one PC computer connects and can access sites on the internet.
    Another computer can connect (at least it says it’s connected with internet access) but can’t access any sites on the internet. If I take this computer home and connect to wireless at home, no problems!
    Both PC’s are running Windows 10 and are update. Wireless settings are the same, proxy settings are the same.
    The one that can access the internet is approx. 3+ yrs old. The other one is approx. 6 months old.
    The wireless router is the same router apple gigabit router we’ve had for the last 10-15 years.
    What should I be looking at? Not sure if there is a router issue or a pc issue??


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      Neighbor had this issue.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Connect to Internet on one computer but not another

      Turned out to be the wireless adapter was incompatible with the ISP supplied router. Replaced the adapter with some 10 dollar USB WiFi adapter and fixed it.

      This is no assurance this is the cause in your case but given the story, what I try first.

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