Connect to two networks simultaneously

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I have a windows XP client with two network cards: a wired card, and a wireless card. The wired card connects to an Intranet and the Internet (through a proxy). The wireless card connects directly to the Internet.

How can I configure my XP client to always go through the wireless connection for access to the Internet? Can I specify which specific sites are pulled from which connection?

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there's a couple of ways but......

by CG IT In reply to Connect to two networks s ...

let the wireless NIC utility handle the wireless connections. you can configure some utilities to not use wireless if it detects the wired NIC in use.

you can use hardware profiles.

you can bridge the wired with the wireless.

but what you can't do is use both simultaneously, split screen won't work either.

Windows will get confused if it has more than 1 gateway address. NLB might work but then your not seperating rather your combining.

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re: there's a couple of ways

by hd.atlanta In reply to there's a couple of ways ...

Thanks for the help.

Is there a way to use the "route" command to set it up so that any requests for go through the wireless interface, but all other calls go through the wired interface?


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by CG IT In reply to re: there's a couple of w ...

if you were using a Cisco router with 2 or 3 interfaces, you could setup the router with a port so that when the router inspects the packet and sees that particular port assignment, it will route that traffic out of a particular interface.

But that's done on an internal router, not on a WAN interface.

All traffic not destined for the LAN must go out a WAN interface [default gateway] or the gateway of last resort or the router will discard the packet[frame].

The problem with multiple network interfaces on a Windows computer is that Windows isn't a router per se. So you can't configure Windows to only use one NIC for an application like hotmail and another NIC for other applications. you can specify which ports are used for a given application [provided that the receiving end knows your using a particluar port] but not what interface it will use.

Review the OSI model for TCP/IP communications and how communications from the application layer send data up and down the stack not only on your computer but on the receiving end as well.

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route command

by john In reply to re: there's a couple of w ...

It's possible, but very tricky I think, to get only hotmail requests going through the wireless. What's really easy though is to get all internet requests to go through there. I do this with my laptop all the time.

Here's what you do:

1) Connect to your LAN first and establish that you have a good link to your intranet.

2) Open a command line window and type
"route delete"

3) Start your internet connection on your wireless

That's it!!

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You can try to do this

by Dumphrey In reply to Connect to two networks s ...

but to make it work right you will need the hotmail ip and subnet info. The route command does not translate dns info. Another option would be to do basicly what John said, which is give a static route for the lan through iface 1 and the send through iface 2.

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