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    Connect two lan segments in AD with ADSL modems


    by bilanicivasile ·


    Please help me with this issue:
    I have to connect two lan segments through ADSL. The first is already in AD and i want to add the seccond one in domain.

    Let’s take this example:
    1.) 10.10.10.X – the first lan wich is in domain with 2003 server.
    2.) 10.10.20.X – the seccond lan wich i have to add it to domain.

    I have two adsl modems Thomson 605s.
    Where i should do the settings? In AD server or in modems? And how to config them?

    Thank you very much. Vasi.

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      by bilanicivasile ·

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      that can be done

      by notyourusual ·

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      by busying to routers that have these features built in and are designed for this very job.

      Juniper and cheaper routers have this feature….not all!!!!

      These router come with built in technology that allows you to connect to its sister router over ADSL….these are nice because you then do not need to change anything on ur network….this soultion does not confuse ur network….machines will not even know….

      Check Juniper and Cisco….very common solution

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      2 Lan segments

      by kurtplaatjes ·

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      Hi Vasi,

      I dont quite understand your question. I am assuming that these are at seperate geographic locations.

      If so you might want to try a possible VPN setup between the two sites over the internet. I have never worked on Thomson 605s before, so i dont know what they are capable of.. however even if the router is not capable of doing the VPN, a internet facing linux box running ipsec on each side would also do the trick.

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        hes right

        by notyourusual ·

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        Thats the more difficult way. Definitly not something you shud be wasting ur time on if u havent done this before.

        Alot of configuration and checkup needs to be done on an advanced level to make sure all the machine dont get confused in the way the network traffic flows…DNS DHCP…routes…….

        Just pay a small fee…get yourself a nice lil solution….wake up with a smile tomorrow instead of wasting months trying to figure this out ESPECIALLY WITH open source solutions lol…

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