Connect two LANs through one router

By abhinav2 ·
Hi techrepublicans,

I a using a Belkin G series wireless router . I 've set up a home network . Now i want to connect my router to the other LAN provided by cable (i am using cable internet). Cable lan uses ip range 10.10.xx.xx, whereas my home network has a different ip set up 192.168.xx.xx.

any suggestion ???

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Connect two LANs through one router

by Breezer85 In reply to Connect two LANs through ...

As long as the 2 subnets are the same they should be able to communicate. Also you will need to specify the Default Gateway for whichever network you want to connect through.
Hope this helps!

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how to connect two LANs through one router

by abhinav2 In reply to Connect two LANs through ...

Hi Breezer85,
Thanks for your help. This is my first networking effort so kindly excuse my ignorance.

i have given the same subnet (, and default gateway as my router's ip.

But it is still not recognizing the other PCs on my cable network, though I am able to connect internet and my home network.

please tell me can my router recognize two different ips on same pc eg 192.168.xx.yy and 10.10.xx.yy ?

if yes hoe to configure it.

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more clarity needed

by CG IT In reply to Connect two LANs through ...

you have a home network with a wireless router. Congratulations.

however, you are not clear what the other LAN is. The 10.10.X.X address range is reserved private addressing ,so who's network is that? It can't be your ISP because it's non routable in the public internet. to obtain Internet Access, you need a public routable address.

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by abhinav2 In reply to more clarity needed

Hi CG,
Thanks a lot. I am using internet via cable. Using this cable, our colony people have formed a LAN with the address range : 10.10.x.x. You are correct that this address is not of our ISP. We have a hub in our township for this LAN.

I am able to access my township lan , if i connect cable directly to my PC, but when i try to connect it via router, my pc is recognizing only my home network not my town network. i have tried several variations like changing routers ip address to 10.10.x.x etc. but nothing has worked so far
kindly gelp

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What routers do.

by CG IT In reply to LANs

A router does what the name implies, routes traffic from one network to another.

So you need to know what networks your connecting to and their addresses. Armed with that, if you read the routers manual, you should be able to connect your router to the "township" network.

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by Breezer85 In reply to LANs

To my understanding I assume your original setup as below:

PC - Modem - Colony LAN - ISP

Now, in this setup i'm assuming the following:

PC IP = 192.168.x.x
Modem IP = Determined by Colony LAN DHCP
Colony LAN IP = 10.10.x.x
ISP IP = Determined by ISP DHCP

This is what you want to acheive:

PC - Router - Modem - Colony LAN - ISP

In this setup this is what I think should happen:

PC IP = 192.168.x.x
Router IP = 192.168.x.x The Default gateway should be that of the Modem IP = (whatever)
Colony IP = 10.10.x.x
ISP IP = Determined by ISP DHCP

Now, i'm not sure of my next course of action until you can confim or deny my understanding!

Good Luck!

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ip config

by abhinav2 In reply to Clarification...

Yes Breezer,
you are correct . kindly suggest how to go ahead.

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Here's what I'd do

by Breezer85 In reply to ip config

1) Give the router an IP of 192.168.x.x (disable DHCP)

2) Give the Router a default gateway of your Modem IP address.

3) Give your PC an IP of 192.168.x.x

4) Give your PC a default gateway of your Router IP.

5) Make sure the router and PC have the Subnet of

6) Post the results of your findings!

Good Luck Mate!

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Router's default gateway

by abhinav2 In reply to Here's what I'd do

Hi breezer,
Thanks buddy!! I am not able to find Router's default gateway setting for my Belkin g series router. Could you elaborate ppint no 2 a bit

(2) Give the Router a default gateway of your Modem IP address.)
thanks for your help

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Sorry for the late reply,,,

by Breezer85 In reply to Router's default gateway

Been very busy with work!

Ok, when you gave your Belkin an IP address you also have the option to assign the default Gateway. Same way you'd assign the default gateway for your PC etc!

Let us know how you get on!

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