Connect two printers to one PC

By nanakontihene ·
I would like to connect two inkjet printers to one computer; so that whichever finishes printing first takes the next job in queue.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate with plenty of resources. Can anyone help please.

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re: Connecting two printers

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Connect two printers to ...

If all you're using is Vista Ultimate, connecting two printers to the same computer isn't a problem. But, wanting to roll print jobs over from one printer's queue to another IS a problem. Each printer will have it's own print queue and print jobs are directed to A specific printer at print time. Printers aren't smart and can't reach over and grab a print job from another printer's queue.

Now, that doesn't mean it's not possible. There may be some kind of 3rd party software that I'm not aware of that could accept all print jobs (become the master queue), then dole out the print jobs based on which printer is not busy sending print jobs to the individual printer's queue. But, I see problems with this type of approach. Print jobs are formatted based on the drivers installed for a printer. Even two printers of the same model can have different drivers, depending on when they were made and that could possibly require different settings to get a print job to look right. So, unless you had two absolutely identical printers, manufactured on the same date and with identical firmware loaded, you couldn't be sure that a print job would look the same on both printers.

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I have cracked it!

by nanakontihene In reply to re: Connecting two printe ...

I have just sorted out the problem myself. In the default printer properties dialogue, click on 'ports', check 'enable printer pooling' then check the printers ports in the main window ckick ok. Do the same for the other printer. Et voila! I sent 8 pages to print and both printers shared them.

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You'll have to watch out for the obvious problem now ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have cracked it!

If you commit both these printers to a quantity of work, due to them sharing individual PAGES within multiple print jobs, this will result in a rather careful collating job at the end of the print run.

Each printer will be producing random pages that belong to the other printers' Title Page and vice versa!

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Wow never thought of that

by Slayer_ In reply to You'll have to watch out ...

What an interesting problem.

I remember reading back in hardware class that if you had 2 identical printers that they could be linked to share each others documents. I am not sure how, or if the way discovered here is how, but I never suspected that it would take it on a page by page basis instead of a document by document basis.
Unless it depends on how it was passed to the printer, as several print jobs, or one big job.

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