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    Connect two sites


    by markguer9 ·

    connect two sites
    1 domain 2 subnets

    t1 with rfc1542 compliant routers on ends of csu/dsu’s

    existing network: (site 1) subnet

    wanna split this network into 2 subnets by changing mask to
    this would create two subnets..lets say
    site 1
    site 2

    wanna place bdc on site 2 to authenticate that subnet..but have dhcp coming from site 1
    (or dhcp in both sites really doesn’t matter to me.. looking for ideas here)

    Question # 1 – how would i address the bdc in site 2 ( mask

    Question # 2 – How would i config dhcp using both scenarios?
    2 dhcp servers each with their own scope or each server only serving its own scope?
    What is best way to config dhcp over a wan link?

    correspond by email is ok


    Mark Guercio

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      Connect two sites

      by tschmuki ·

      In reply to Connect two sites

      Hi Mark,
      I would not split the A-Class address in two subnets by using the 128 subnet mask. Why not using a hole address for each segment, say for site 1 and for site 2. Such addressing allows you to use similar IP schemas. e.g. x.x.1.x for com-devices, x.x.2.x for servers, x.x.3.x for static addresses, x.x.4.x as DHCP Range. Hope it’s clear what I like to point to.

      For the DHCP configuration: when you’re using only one DHCP server you’ll need to configure helper address on the router, so the client on site without DHCP server can get an IP address. I would recommend, to use two DHCP servers with one range for both sites set-up. So each site has it’s own DHCP server (reduces traffice over the WAN link). Have the helper address on the router configured, but not activated. So you have the least amount of redundency in case on server fails.


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      Connect two sites

      by markguer9 ·

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