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By zakriakhan ·
I have a VPN service on Fiber Optics my a major carrier. I also have contracts with clients and have provided them 4G USBs from the same carrier. However, my clients want unlimited data service on their USB but almost all major carriers in US have stopped unlimited service. I will prefer to point their USBs to my VPN service after they exhaust their 4G usage. Can I do that? If yes, please advise how. You may send your answer to my email at

Thank you.

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unsure of exact question...

by mark.railton In reply to Connect USB to VPN

If I am understanding you correct, you want to give a client a 4G USB Modem, and the client wants unlimited transfer (which is not going to happen). Once their limited transfer is used, you then want to connect them to your VPN? How are you wanting to do this, via the same 4G Modem? If so then the answer is no, once the transfer allowance is used, its used, you can not use a VPN to get around that as you still need to use data allowances to connect to a VPN.

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