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    Connect win95 to winxp


    by snogame ·

    Is there a way to get a win95 machine and a winxp machine to see each other on a peer to peer network connection? I can’t seem to get them to see each other. The main purpose is to share an internet connection and printer. Is XP’s direct cable connection my only option?

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      by lumberjack ·

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      Yes, and no (in that order) basically

      ensure that an account on the Xp pc exists that has the same id and password as used by the 95 PC, and vice versa – or use same for both!

      then a cross over cable between pc nics will handle connection, assuming ip etc all configured with same mask ( similar ip addresses ( and .2)or standard cables through a shared hub.

      ensure printer is shared, plus any drives you require

      if the internet connection is via Nic then a 2nd will be required for peer2peer in the XP machine.

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      by michol ·

      In reply to Connect win95 to winxp

      To get both the PC to see wach other, you got to make sure both has the same workgroup. For instant, Win9x by default will have the workgroup as “WORKGROUP”. Then you have to make sure the Win XP is set the same way. All in all, PCs can see each other only if they are in the same workgroup. If you need more detail, let me know.

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      by ztpztpztp ·

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      win xp has a networking wizard, you just have to run it on the xp pc and create a network setup disk with the wizard then use the network setup disk on the 95 computer and make sure they both have the same domain and connected by a crossover cable

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