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Connect wired router+modem to wireless router

By yankeedoodles ·
Hello everyone,
I have a SMC7904BRA 4 port wired router+modem and recently I purchased a Dlink DL524 which is a router with 4 wired ports and wireless capability. Now, the problem is that the Dlink is not a modem so I need to connect the Dlink to my SMC and then proceed.
When I want to configure the SMC, i login using the ip as per the router's default. It assigns IP from to as per default.
The DLINK wireless router manual says to login go to and then configure from there. But when i type that, the page says can't be loaded.
So now how do i configure the wireless router?

Can anyone please help me out?


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First thing is why did you buy a WiFi Router?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Connect wired router+mode ...

Do you want to create a Child LAN?

What you need to do is plug in the WiFi router and not to the existing Modem and with a wired connection enter the Default HTTP address to enter the setup procedure. Here you can setup the router without a problem and when finished connect the remaining CAT5 cables up. The first CAT5 cable to connect after the Router is setup is the Uplink cable from the existing Router to the new one this is one from an Ethernet Port on the first Router to the Uplink Port on the second one and then connect any wired connections and you can then try your WiFi ones.

Only problem is with 2 routers in place you will be isolating everything connected directly to the first router and not connected through the second router so you will effectively have 2 different work groups as I'm supposing that you have not established a Domain. This is a good way to isolate different systems while still allowing all computers access to the Internet but it will isolate the computers behind the second Router from those connected directly to the Modem/Router so you will not be able to share files unless you follow the directions in the DLinks manual to disable the router function.

With the WiFi you need to deploy WEP or MAC addressing to secure the WiFi Access Point down as this can have a range of up to 500 meters and if not secured down properly it can allow anyone with a WiFi equipped computer access to both your Internet Connection and Stored Data.

If you leave this Access Point Open you will be legally responsible for any illegal material downloaded and you then need to prove not only that you or yours didn't perform the download and point the authorities to who did and because of the range involved this is almost impossible to do.


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What is a child LAN

by yankeedoodles In reply to First thing is why did yo ...

Well first of all, I have no idea what a child LAN is, although as its name suggests, I should think its a LAN that feeds of the main LAN to server other computers independently. Even a google search didn't help much.
OK, I bought a Wifi router because I have a pc in my other room and a laptop which my brother brings over and I don't really have the cables/ability to lay cables to the other room or even out this door as there is insufficient space. So wifi was the only way out.
Now, I am under the impression that what you are telling me to do is that
step 1 ) Connect the wireless router WAN port to any computer and go to the login page thing.
step 2 ) Login and setup (but what do i set up here?? as in are there any specific values i need to enter?
step 3 ) disconnect the computer and connect the WAN port to existing wired router+modem(any of my 4 ports)
step 4 ) Everything works.

Is that what you are saying? If it is, please tell me what I need to set up at step2.
If not, what are the steps I need to take?

Finally, as an ending, here is what i want to set up

PHONE ADSL to SMC Wired router
SMC Wired router to wired Computer 1 and 2 on ports 1 and 2 respectively.
SMC Wired router to DLink di524 on port 3
Dlink di524 to wireless Comp3 and Laptop 1

thats all. oh and i dont want to be involved in any unlawful thing that you mentioned in the last paragraph.

thanks in advance

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Here's what I did

by yankeedoodles In reply to First thing is why did yo ...

Ok, this is what i did to make it work.
Although I am connecting thru a DSL and not a cable modem, what i did was:
Step 1) unplug pc1 from wired router to plug pc 1 to wireless router port 1, plugging in wireless router WAN port to wired router port 1

step 2) turn on the pc1 and then run the wizard thing for wireless, it was pretty i just followed the instructions where they cloned some mac address and stuff. But interesting point here is that the wireless detected my connection as some DHCP connection and not PPPoE.

step 3) everything was working i turned off the broadcast SSID so that i wont get any unwanted people finding my network and i added the 64bit key protection (funny thing is i cant change the key, its auto assigned)

step 4) all wired connections work, now im left to test the wireless...will keep you posted :)

thanks :)

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OK a Child LAN is a sort of Child Domain

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Here's what I did

Which you should be able to find a reference to on a Goggle Search is a LAN that while directly connected to the main LAN is not allowed to share files or printers through the router as the WiFi Router in this case makes an independent LAN that can connect to the Internet but not the remaining computers upstream of the WiFi Router. That is between the WiFi Router and the Modem/Router whatever.

From your second post you seem to have things working properly and have employed sufficient Security on the WiFi Access point so all that should be required now is to setup the WiFi computers so that they can connect to the WiFi Router.


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Set up WiFi Router First

by daveyboy82 In reply to Connect wired router+mode ...

Okay firstly did that first guy say an access point has a broadcast range of 500m? Coz thats rediculous and I read sumwhere wireless has a range of about 50 feet.

As a computer tech I get called to these jobs all the time and usually u can just plug it in and away u go but in your case I would first unplug the router/modem and then plug in the wireless router into the comp.

Then login to the wireless router via your brower and the ip of the wirless router.

Then what i would do is DISABLE DHCP SERVER, usually in a tab called DHCP. As u only want your modem/router dishing out Ip's (this step may no be needed but keeping things simple is the key). Then i would manually enter the wireless routers ip as:

Then plug it into your modems LAN port and plug the modem into the back of your comp.

Oh yeh forgot to add, enable WEP with a 64bit key (10 hex characters). U dont want n00bs using your internet lol

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Do you need both routers?

by sdomescik In reply to Connect wired router+mode ...

Do you really need both routers? Try getting rid of the wired router. If your wireless router has a WAN port, which I'm sure it does, and a place for you to plug your existing computer into it, do that. Just eliminate one of the routers.

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