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Connect XP to a 98SE on satellite

By judykruger ·
I have recently gotten the direcway satellite internet service. I have it presently connected to my 2 yr old Window 98SE system. I want to link it to my other new Windows XP system. I was told I could just get a Special cable and run it between the two. I have done that, but not sure if it is all I needed to do. I put the software on the 98Se and all went well- even made the disk to use on the other machine. When I tried to install to the WinXP machine, it wouldn't let me load it. Said something like this is not a Win 98 system.???? Any help is appreciated. I noticed on someone elses postings something about a router. ?? This is in my home and the two computers are about 30 feet apart in the same room. Thanks for your help!

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Connect XP to a 98SE on satellite

by opatzg In reply to Connect XP to a 98SE o ...

Assuming Directway satellite is a cable/DSL and not a telephone connection service. You have a couple options.
1) what connection did they supply? noramlly you would have a router which is basically an ethernet device which channels your access out to the internet. most hub/switch/routers have more than 1 ethernet connection to allow networking as well. If you only have 1 you will need a hab or switch to connect the 2 pc's to and then connect to their router. The setting up of a home network is not necessarily difficult and ethernet is the medium of choice the only question is wether you want no wires or how much you want to spend. 4 port 10/100 switched hubs are easily findable in the $40 range, 15'-25' cables are around $10 each and 10/100 ethernet cards are $10-$20 each. Most any reputable computer store can help get you set up and get you the documentation necessary to get it to work. You may need to download the drivers for the XP system since the ethernet 10/100 cards have been around long before windows xp came out. And of course there are a number of web sites explaining how to set up a home network. Simply search for it on and you should come up with 5 to 10 nicely written articles. Otherwise if you already have network cards in the pc's then make sure you have the most recent drivers for them.
If you are using a modem to connect then tiger direct has options for 2 pc's sharing a serial port on a router to which you could attach an external modem.

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