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Connected but no connection

By scottinfl ·
Windows 2000, connected to network however wont connect. This computer shows an active conncetion in network properties but will not go online or connect to other computers on the network. Simple workgroup setup, three computers on the network, only one is affected. Ive tried a new card and the same thing. I hook up directly to cable modem also the same no connection avaliable. Any thoughts?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Connected but no connecti ...

Do you get an IP address?

If you open a command box and input IPCONFIG, do you see a DNS server listed?

Can you ping this server by name?

Is the network cable any good? Check by putting this into a known working port.

Is the port any good? Move the checked cable to another port.

Can you ping the computer by IP address and name from one of the working systems?

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by scottinfl In reply to Connected but no connecti ...

When I run ipconfig I get tampabay.rr. and for IP. In network properties status shows im connected at 100 mips but no packets. When I click on IE, it attempts to go on line but I get no network connection.

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by curlergirl In reply to Connected but no connecti ...

It's clear that, although the NIC is working at a low level, the card is not binding properly to TCP/IP and/or something is blocking communication. I would check the NIC driver to make sure that you are using the most updated version that is compatible with Win2K. Also, make sure that you're not running any kind of firewall software on the workstation that might be blocking DHCP packets.

Also, make sure you're running the latest Win2K service pack level, which is SP4.

Hope this helps!

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Connected but no connecti ...

Try shutting down your cable modem for a few minutes, then disconnect your router then turn it back on before connecting the non-working computer (Some cable modems get confused when you plug in a PC with a differenc MAC address without powering it down first).

If the computer works now, it could be that your router is set to disallow all except certain MAC addresses to connect. You would have to fix this in your router's config.

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by gunning_ej In reply to Connected but no connecti ...

I have simular problem. please if you found any solutions please post :). a more detailed description to my problem is as follow:

Normal PC on workgroup. The network connection status shows "connected" but can't ping any pc on the network or internet. I can ping it self and 127.*.*.* (itself aswell). Here is my temperarily solutions to the problem which is not the best bcause this box needs to be up 24/7.

Temp solutions:
1) Restart Pc (hahaha)
2) As prevision forums a ipconfig /registerdns (haha again bcause i cant ping anything).
3) As previous forums shows do a ipconfig /repair ---doesn't seem to work.

anyway i hope anyone have a solution PLEASE. Hope this info help the author of this posting


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