connected to network, but no internet access

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This seems to only happen on my home network... I am able to connect to the network anywhere in the house, but I can only access the internet when I am in the same room the router is in. I used to always be able to connect to the internet upstairs though the connection has always been weak/shotty up there (probably due to thick stone walls, but at least I could get it to work to some extent), but now I cannot connect to the internet up there at all, even though I am weakly connected to the network. for a while before, when i'd be on the internet upstairs, it would stop working all of a sudden and a little exclamation point in a shield would appear above the bars that indicate connection strength. it would say "limited" when I put my mouse over it. I would still be connected to the network, but with no access to the internet. that no longer seems to be happening, I just can't get on the internet at all, even though i'm (weakly) connected to the network without the little "limited" exclamation point. it's always been weak, but it used to work if i'd sit in the right places, and now it doesn't. what is going on? I have window 8 by the way, and it is weird and confusing and the control panel seems to be very limited in its options

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Just my "best guess",

but it sounds as if the WiFi transmitter is on its last legs. So, probably time to replace it with a new one. Some ISPs that provide your modem/router/transmitter will replace nonfunctional equipment, most don't, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and find out.

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