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    Connected to router but cannot open a browser page


    by bigjim3325 ·

    I have an HP with Vista. I have DSL service through Qwest and have an action tech router/modem combo. I have three laptops running off this wireless network and my computer is the only one that won’t access the internet. When I go to available networks it shows that i am connected to my network and signal strength is excellent. I am thinking this has got to be something relatively simple, but I’m at a loss here. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks

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      Of course this should be a question vs discussion, but

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Connected to router but cannot open a browser page

      Can you ping the IP address of the router from the PC?

      What sort of security do you have configured? (e.g. WPA2, WEP, none).

      A WLAN connection has two hurdles to cross: first it must ‘associate’, meaning that the radios are talking to each other, next it must authenticate, which means the WPA2 passphrase or WEP keys must match. If those two hurdles are crossed, then the PC must get the correct IP address information from the router, assuming that the PC is configured for DHCP (dynamic IP address assignment).

      The most common problem is that the authentication is misconfigured or the WEP key or WPA2 passphrase has been fat-fingered.

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