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Connecting 2 computers

By liongsh ·
I intend to link 2 computers at home. With 2 NICs, is that enough? Can the connection done without the use of hub/switch as there is only 2 systems. Thanks for the advice.

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Networking two computers

by mpixler1 In reply to Connecting 2 computers

Yes, the two nic cards are enough. But you need to make sure you buy a flipped (cross-over) network cable to connect the two. A normal network cable is a straight through cable. Basically a flipped cable has the transmit from one cable going to the receive of the other.

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Linking 2 computers

by FrankR In reply to Connecting 2 computers

You can connect 2 computers quite easily. Your network cable is just different to one you'd use if you were connecting your PC to a hub. Just ask for a cross over cable from your cable supplier. You configure the PC's as you would for connectingto a network.

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Crossover cable

by chad In reply to Connecting 2 computers

It is possible all you will need to do is purchase a crossover cable, which can be arund $10-15.

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More information on crossover cables

by jsokol In reply to Crossover cable

Take a look at this web page for more info on crossover cables.

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Its more than cable and NIC's

by slane In reply to Connecting 2 computers

Remember, once the physical interface exists for the network, a set of parameters must be set for each computer. That means you will need to decide on a network protocol and make sure its bound to the NIC's on both PC's. Protocols include TCP/IP,NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, Appletalk, etc. NetBEUI is the quickest and easiest to set up. Unless you are trying to share a dial up internet connection from one of the PC's, NetBEUI should work. Otherwise, use TCP/IP. Be sure to set the protocal parameteres (on the TCP/IP bound to your NIC) to two unique numbers. Try & for example. It will not work for you to choose allow pc to automatically select an ip address. Finally, you have to set up file and/or printer sharing on the PC's in order to see files from the other or share a printer. This is done through the network control panel applet as well. Once you agree to share a file or printer, you will have to reboot. Once you reboot, you can set up shares by right clicking on the object (file or printer) in an explorer window and choosing sharing. Once you have shares set up, they should appear in the network neighborhood under your computer name.

Best of luck, and have fun.

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What about 4 computers?

by LouiseD. In reply to Its more than cable and N ...


I'm new to this discussion but I want to hook up three, possibly four computers in my home. Does this mean that I will have to use a hub because I have more than two or can the same principles that are discussed here be applied to the four? I currently have dial-up service to the house. Do you think it would be more advantageous to get a DSL line or high-speed internet service?

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go with hub and high-speed service

by Charger Media In reply to What about 4 computers?

If you are talking about allowing all 4 computers in your network to browse the Internet, then connecting them to a dial up will make your speed ridiculously slow. I definitely recommend switching to high-speed service.

A couple things you can do: You should be able to pick up a 4-port hub for around $25-30. Purchase additional IPs from your ISP (you will need a different IP address for each machine) or you can buy a dsl/cable modem router for around $60 and run dhcp for your network need only one IP address. There are some limitations to this, as some ISPs block file/printer sharing. If you plan for the machines on your network to have the ability to see each other, then check with your ISP first.

Either way is reasonably priced and will give you much better performance than your existing dial up.

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