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    connecting 2 LAN using one switch


    by earstand_1356 ·

    hi guyz…

    its me again…i really need your help..our deadline is fast approaching…help me guyz

    is that possible to connect 2 LAN using one switch?should i configure the TCP/IP or do i need to add a network client but how?

    here is the problem given to us:
    “Create a network using 2 topologies(either the same or different topologies)aiming two LAN using only one switch?”thats the problem given to us…help me guys…i need an exact answer….


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      by earstand_1356 ·

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      check this

      by vsharma ·

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      First of all u should tell me that which Switch u r using .
      For the connectivity of two LANS u must hv manageable switch.
      with this u can join two LANS.
      u will make Vlans on that Switch with whcih u can connect two lans

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      by zyphlar ·

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      The question is vague, but this might help:

      – As I understand topologies, the question would require you to create (for example) both a Token Ring and a Star topology using a single switch. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of that would be. Further confusing it is “either the same or different topologies.” Maybe you should just create two Star Ethernet TCP/IP topologies on the same switch?

      – To “connect two LANs” or in other words enable communication between two networks, you need a router or gateway device. By definition only a router-type device can enable communication between two networks. If they operate on the same switch, you can simply setup two interfaces on the router plugged into the same switch– one for each network type, and then configure routing between them. You will probably need to separate the switch with VLANs or at least by using different subnets.

      Here’s what I would answer, since it’s the simplest way to do this (without using VLANs or different topologies):

      – Interface 1
      – Interface 2
      – Define routes between Interface 1 and 2

      – No special configuration

      Network Device 1:
      – IP

      Network Device 2:
      – IP

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      reply to your answers

      by basav12 ·

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      it will depend on no of ports of switch if there will be more ports connection from both lan to switch to specific ports of switch suppose maintain two servers of two lan and give connection of both server to two ports of switch and share the network using static IP

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