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    connecting 2 networks HELP me!


    by dassboss2003 ·

    hi every one!

    there was 12 hosts in my company with XP /vista connected each other as workgroup by a small router and a switch . and the internet connection is from a ADSL modem . the structure is “ADSL –> Router(D-Link DIR100) –> 3 host + switch –> other hosts”. we have been swifting 4 hosts to another location. now i buyed a “HP server machine with small business server” installed in it. i have to create a network by which the shared files server machine has to accessed by the remote network of 4hosts(ADSL –> switch –>4 host(XP/Vista)) through the internet.

    i dont have any direct ip address . i think i have the NAT address from the ADSL connection. and also i dont have direct connection from my server to ADSL modem it is actually connected through small Router. DHCP is maintained by the small router. i have to access the shared files in server from both networks(from 8 hosts in one n/w and 4 hosts in another n/w through internet) at the same time. pls give me a solution which is cheap and also which has to suite my needs. [is that possible of VPN, VLAN without direct ip address]

    feel free to ask any question regarding this. thank you!

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