Connecting 2 offices via ISDN RAS

By multiplexed ·
I'm wanting to connect two offices via direct dialed RAS. I know I can do this with 56k modems for what we're wanting to do, but I was wanting to explore using ISDN cards instead.

Basically, we need a low cost, temporary network connection between the two offices. We have a xp machine that will dial into a remote 2000 pro box, which will then call back into the xp machine to establish a temporary connection.

My overall question is what differences or issues do I need to be aware of if I used ISDN cards.

Do I just need BRI capable cards, and can I then direct dial over the POTS? I can achieve a 128k connection with BRI, correct?

Do I need digital phone lines or services installed if I dial directly into the remote machine over POTS?

Does anyone know where I can even buy ISDN cards? I've found a couple but they're difficult to find for sale.

Thanks for any pointers.

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long distance charges apply

by CG IT In reply to Connecting 2 offices via ...

when using any dialup over POTS.

IDSN ...well you might try Cisco products but with the low cost ADSL, the costs of dial up just isn't worth it.

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Connection is "very" temporary

by multiplexed In reply to long distance charges app ...

Thanks for the comment on DSL. We could go the VPN route, but we really only need the connection for like 5 minutes per week. I'm aware that long distance charges apply, but again, a few minutes of long distance will be much cheaper than maintaining 2 DSL connections every month for a vpn connection.

Thanks again for the comment. If anyone has comments on the ISDN connection, I would very much appreciate them.

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by multiplexed In reply to Connecting 2 offices via ...

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