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    Connecting 2 PABX over private link


    by nassar.danuningrat ·


    I’m very new at this voice/data convergence setup.

    Currently we have around 130 Phone(PBX) users, where 120 of them are the PC/network users as well. Currently voice communication within department is pretty much depended on our digital hybrid PABX system (Panasonic TD500).

    We’re planning to split-up our office to 2 sites within the same city. Unfortunately we live in a country where a toll charge on local PSTN usage exists.

    The option we’re aiming for our next DATA connection is to have 256kbps private interconnection link between 2 sites. All servers and the TD500 will be located in the Data Centre site (let’s say SITE-1). I’d like to put VOICE over the same link and get another smaller PABX system in the 2nd site (SITE-2). Then connect both PABXs through this, so telephone cost between sites can be eliminated. Each site will need a Cisco 1800 or 2800 router for data communication purpose.

    I’d like to ask these questions for enlightment:
    1. Is it posible for TD500 (equipped w/ NIC) to connect to Cisco router without any 3rd party voice gateway in between?
    2. What would you recommend on the 2nd PABX system? Do I need an IP based PABX (eg. TDA100), or a regular hybrid/digtal PABX (TD1232 or TD500) would do just fine?
    3. Performance wise, do you think 256kbps is enough to support Data and Voice interconnectivity?
    4. How much bandwith will be required by a single phone call?
    5. Should a link load balancer is required to control voice and data traffic? What brands are available in Asia market for this device?

    Should anyone here ever experienced such voice and data setup, please do advise.

    Before anyone suggesting Skype, please be reminded that my global parent company ban this application from our network environment due to security issue with Skype & other peer-to-peer VoIP such as googletalk, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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      Tie Trunk

      by aries_marasigan ·

      In reply to Connecting 2 PABX over private link

      Hi Nas,

      First you need to know if your systems is capable of VOIP, second you need to have enough bandwith to cary your voice and data base on your post you only have have 256kbps. im sure you will be having a problem with your voice quality. the quality of voice will depend on your bandwith.

      please try to visit there you will more information about your problem.

      good luck

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