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Connecting 2 wireless routers for internet

By lonemaverick2001 ·
> I bought a WET54G Bridge for this setup. I have connected it and still I have no connection between the routers. Please take me step by step thru this installation (Including Security) so that I can get these up and running. I will include a complete Item by Item of what I have so far. Please help. Thanks

I have a Netgear router connected to a network system with a T1 line. I changed the IP address of the router to so that the network had a place for the router.
I have changed the SSID. I put his on all of the routers and network Wireless network cards. I used my wireless notebook to check this connecttion and I can see it and use it.

The Linksys WRT54G is attached to the other system that does not have an Internet connection. I have the WET56G attached to the WRT54G. I have use the disks that came with them to ID all of the boxes together. I put them all on channel 6 and tried 11. I have connected a large antenna to the WRT54G. It is about 4.5 feet long and 4 inches wide.

I have a wireless Sony Vaio system in the upstairs of this network. It show a low signal but I can connect to the WRT54G. All of the systems on the linksys side are Win XP systems with Norton Internet Security Installed

I would like to be able to "see" the systems that I connect to with the router. I can do this with the wireless network cards but I find no way to do this with the routers.

My objective here is to connect the system with the T1 to the other system across the street. Then use wireless to connect to the 2 systems upstairs. I only wish to have Internet connections with these systems These upstair systems are Win XP and have external USB network cards.

If I am successful with this project. I would like to find the perimeter of my umbrella and see if I can bring a wireless connection to a place on the far side of my property. The Antenna I have it suppose to cover 140 acres. I am in a wooded area but I think I should be able to get a little way down the road.
Thanks for any help.

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Wrong forum

by deepsand In reply to Connecting 2 wireless rou ...

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions."

Please re-post there.

Thank you..

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You've got to be kidding, right?

by cp7212 In reply to Connecting 2 wireless rou ...

You just joined TechRepublic this month and you want us to tell you step-by-step how to set up your whole wireless network from the configuration to security?!?

I don't mind helping people with problems, but I'm not a free consultant. I can't imagine getting a reply to this. I'm not trying to be rude, but try doing some homework first. Cisco's site at has a wealth of information on wireless problems.

As for setting up a wireless network in the woods, a 2.4 GHz signal will only penetrate five to six wooden walls. So you can imagine how trees will block the signal. If you do have an antenna that covers 140 acres, it will have to be tall because it sounds like you will have to have a line-of-sight connection.

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140 acres

by TonytheTiger In reply to You've got to be kidding, ...

That's only about 1/4 mile radius. With the right antenna and a half-way clear shot, it wouldn't be terribly difficult. I've gotten almost half that (my personal record is just over 600 feet) with my Ipaq through an outside wall with the standard antenna on the router.

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by jmgarvin In reply to 140 acres

That is impressive. I generally see serious performance degredation after about 400 feet.

He sounds like he doesn't have a very clear shot and that there is tons of multipath interferance where he is at.

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Antenna at both ends

by jdclyde In reply to Wow!

By putting a non-directional on the central AP and a Directional on the bridge, this gives a bigger target for the directional to hit.

If there are systems at the end of the bridge that still have problems getting a strong signal, you put another AP getting it's LAN from the LAN connection on the Bridge.

It SOMETIMES will work to use the Bridge as an access point AND a bridge, but not usually because most bridging you will need a good dirctional yaggi which doesn't leave a lot of signal of systems AROUND the bridge. And yes, I have a few of these linksys bridges. One run is about 800 feet, with a LOT of interference. Steel buildings, and lots of industrial machinery. When we fire up the huge welders, the surrounding lake browns out. Too funny!

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by jmgarvin In reply to Connecting 2 wireless rou ...

Ok first:
1) This needs to be in the Tech Q&A
2) You need to do a little homework.
3) You need an antenna taller than the trees
4) You need to look into WEP, WPA, a RADIUS server, etc for security
5) Read up on "ad hoc" and "infrastructure" wireless

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but man this is a HUGE question.

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He's a VAR.

by deepsand In reply to WOW!

I would'nt be surprised if he's stumped trying to design a system for a prospective customer, and came here looking for free consulting services.

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It's possible

by mmatthe4 In reply to Connecting 2 wireless rou ...

I realized that some people can be jerks. It doesn't make any sense for people to reply with stupid comments like they do. Mainly, it's because they have no knowledge of what you are asking for. First of all, if you have wireless devices that can access the primary router that means you're within range regardless if it's a router you want to communicate with. Second, disable DHCP on the second router. Configure the router with static IP. On the primary router(router with internet) configure the router to statically assign a WAN IP address to the second router. Specify this IP on router 2 for the WAN. If the routers are made by the same company change the default LAN IP on router two. If using IP security such as WEP, configure router two with the same SSID and WEP key as router one. Make sure your modes match as well; shared, auto or open. Depending on the brand of routers there are other security measures to keep in mind. I have MAC filter set on my primary router. In this case you would have to allow the router two's mac address to have access by specifying it on router one's Mac Filter table. Each PC connected to router two should have IP address assignment in reference to that router's subnet and IP routing assignment. DNS should also be specified on router two which technically should be the address of router one. If that doesn't work use the ISP's DNS address on router one. You can email me if this all sounds confusing. I have a similar setup at home using 3 PCs and 5 laptops with a DLink and Linksys router. Also checkout Part of the site is down for redevelopement but the guy who owns this site is great with anything computer related. Once he's up and running he'll be Dell and Microsoft as one. I got all my technically experience from there and chatting directly with the owner. Very sharp. Just keep checking on the site. Peace!

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Your very first post and you already know it all...

by cp7212 In reply to It's possible

If you were on here long enough you would be sick of answering posts like this, too. "I realized that some people can be jerks." Who are you to call us anything? How long have you been on this site for? A week, maybe two?

"Mainly, it's because they have no knowledge of what you are asking for." And then you tell him to use a WEP key? It would be a good thing for him to be out in the country, because if he used a WEP key in the city, he'd get hacked. Disable DHCP on the second router. He would have to statically assign all wireless IPs. What happens if one of them drops off of the network? Chances are, that device would not re-associate to the WAP. At least, not as easily with DHCP enabled.

And why have a router with internet? Putting a proxy behind the router for internet access is much safer.

"Peace!" Peace? After you just called us jerks? You have a twisted sense of values, man.

And even if you don't agree with me, read Jaqui's post. You'll get sick of it after a while. If you don't, more power to you.

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Read before speaking

by mmatthe4 In reply to Your very first post and ...

I never told him to use WEP. The statement says if he is using WEP then he can take another approach. You're reading but not comprehending. Regardless of how long I have been on here you don't have to answer anyone's post man. The guy is seeking help ao why waste your time to say something stupid to him about his situation. He doesn't need insults and critism. He wants help. That's what posts are for...HELPING others. There are other ways that he can set this up. I have a similar setup so who is better to explain it.....someone who already has a similar setup that is working sufficiently and securely. If you're tired of answering posts stop replying. Does someone have a fork up to your throat making you reply. Get a life dude!

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