Connecting 2nd HDD to a PCI Connector Card on a Dell Dimension

By paul.roden ·
I am trying to add a 2nd hard drive to a Dell Dimension 2400 2.4 Ghz PC. It has Windows XP Home SP3, 1 GIG of RAM, 2 DVD/CD Combo Drives, a Telephone modem, FireWire Card and a new PCI Connector Card for the IDE Drive. The existing hard drive is 120 Western Digital and the one I want to add is 320 GIG.

I get the following error message when booting:

IDE CD-ROM devise driver installed

Caldera -DOS 7.05
Copyright 1976 1998 Caldera Inc.
All Rights Reserved
A Echo Off
NWCDES.exe Version 2.81 CD-ROM
Copyright (c) 1992; 1997 Caldera inc. All rights reserved

Drive X: Driver generic drive 0
Drive Y: Driver generic drive 1

Ontrack Manager BIOS Checker ver 1.00.03
Copyright 2004 Knoll Ontrack Inc.

int 13 level communication
attempts int 13 IO in drive 80
ATA Level communication
Attempt PM ATA Identify-

And then it just hangs with a flashing dash after identify.

I disconnected the new hard drive and it reboots after powering off.

It is a high speed PCI Masscool Controller Card 1 internal IDE connector, 2 internal SATA connectors and one external eSATA connector . I loaded the CD that came with it after putting the card in. There were no instructors with the card.

I have the instructors for the Western Digital 320 G Hard Drive, emergency boot diskette and CD Installation for the WD IDE hard drive.

BIOS is Version AO 5
Intell 2.4 GHz level 2 cache 128 intergrated.

Keyboard memory lock on
Keyboard memory errors reset

Auto Power On Disabled
Remote wake up Off
Fast Boot On
IDE hard drive accoustic By Pass

Any ideas?

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Master Slave

by TheChas In reply to Connecting 2nd HDD to a P ...

Check both your IDE cable and the master slave jumpers on the drives.

Pay particular attention to the old drive. Western Digital IDE drives do have a specific jumper setting for single drive and the jumper needs to be changed for Master with Slave present.

You can also have issues if your cable is a cable select style cable and the drives are not connected in the correct order. If the cable has connectors marked master and slave, make sure the drives are connected in the proper order.


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