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Connecting 500 computers!!HOW?

By mrlon2000 ·
guys, how do i network around 500 computers using static ip (192.168.0.x)?because we know that the maximun ip is until with subnet of ,is there any other way in setting up this network without using a router? changing ip will be considered if in case.thanks

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by eduardo (PT) In reply to Connecting 500 computers! ...

You provided little information about the network you are planning, but as far as what I understood about your question, if you want to use IPv4 and if you want all of your computers to have addresses on the format, you'll only be able to connect 255 computers.
If you want to connect 500 computers you'll have to use the format.

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what IP

by mrlon2000 In reply to 1

what IP Address should be use?(ex. and what subnet? on connecting 500 computers without using a router that can see each other on "My Network Place" thanks again..

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Without using a router?

by stress junkie In reply to what IP

It can't be done with IPv4 without a router. You need to use at least two IPv4 subnets, as eduardo has already said.

The 192.168 subnet allows you to have 254 (255?) subnets with 254 host addresses in each subnet. If you change your subnet mask to something like and change your broadcast mask accordingly then you can have one subnet. That would give you nine bits in the host address so you would have two to the ninth power minus two addresses. If your subnet was then you would have two to the tenth power minus two addresses in one subnet. Here is more information.

You could use a different protocol like NetBEUI, but I think that Microsoft is dropping support for that. You might be able to use Novell IPX/SPX. If you want the computers to be able to access the Internet then they probably have to use IP for that, at least, unless you could create a protocol switching gateway.

BTW, you should have posted this in the Q&A forum.

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What stress junkie really said

by NickNielsen In reply to Without using a router?

If you set your subnet mask to, your gateway will be, your broadcast address will be, and you will have access to the remaining 508 legal IP addresses.

Edit: Unless I've forgotten more than I think...

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What Nick Said

by sbacheler In reply to What stress junkie really ...

Perfect response/action.

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It's a three-year-old post.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What Nick Said

Nick's response perfect partially because it was timely.

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You need to use a class B private address

by Dumphrey In reply to what IP

for example 192.168.X.X Here we have a 16 bit mask on the network giving 2^16-2 host addresses (65,534 addresses). A more complex method would be to use vlsm and subnet out a /23 mask.

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Use a Class B Private Internal Address scheme

by russmessenger In reply to what IP

If you use the you could have all the computers on one network without subnetting.

Subnetting requires a router. And, a Class C limits you to 254 computers on a subnet.

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Subnetting works, or choosing the IP Scheme

by wallowamichael In reply to Connecting 500 computers! ...

I agree with others except that I would pick a mask of, which would give you usable IP addresses of 192.168.0.x through, well over 4000 addresses.<BR><BR>
All computers can have the gateway, etc. like others have said.<BR><BR>
This setup also gives you some flexibility on configuring your network services. All servers and printers can be in the network. All DHCP addresses can be in the network (and denied access to other network services). All desktops can be in the network, and laptops on, etc. If you have users that aren't allowed on the Internet, put them in a network all to themselves and then forward their Internet traffic to nothing. If you have people without e-mail accounts, put them on a separate network number and tell the SMTP server not to accept mail from them.<BR><BR>
There are many things you can do with too many IP addresses, and this is an easy way to do it.<BR><BR>
One step further. When you configure your SMTP access (Internet, printing, etc) usually you put in network numbers. Don't use the general network mask that the users get, which is (or /20), use the full class C address, So you'd have in your SMTP list:
Allow - servers
Deny - DHCP
Allow - Desktops
Hope I haven't confused you even more!

Good Luck

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change subnet mask

by doudou.dandan In reply to Connecting 500 computers! ...

You need to change your subnet mask i think.

Try using 192.168.x.x /23 This would double the number of hosts you can have to 512 then after you have taken away the network address ( and the broadcast

Not sure if this helps but i tried

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