Connecting a dead laptop HDD to another laptop

By dotorperiod2 ·

I found this site thru a google search and will just post a question.

I didn't realize it was more for an IT person at a company as I am just an individual person at home...


I have a Sager 5600D Modle laptop that will not boot up again. About 6 months or so ago I had to have the motherboard replaced as I had several Tax Files I needed so I just paid to have it replaced. I did some but not all of my taxes and then quit for awhile. In the mean time my son used it to play a game since his laptop also had to be repaired. I don't think that had anything to do with it not being able to boot up again and think its the motherboard again and not a hard drive crash.

My question is this:

Can I take the hard drive out of the Sager laptop and connect it to my HP Pavillion Laptop?

From what I have read around so far all of the adapters I have seen connect the HDD from the laptop to your desk top through the IDE cable but nothing about connecting it to another laptop. I would think it should be able to be done through the USB port but I'm not sure.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



PS Sometimes I'm on AIM if anyone uses that. My screen name is dotorperiod

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Yes you can connect to a NB but you need a different adapter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Connecting a dead laptop ...

Instead of a 2.5 to 3.5 Inch Adapter you need and external HDD Case like the ones shown here


All that should be required here is to remove the HDD from the NB remove any Jumpers on it and fit it to a External USB Case then plug into another computer.

Though you will need to plug it into 2 USB Ports so you have enough power to run the HDD or if you do not have 2 free USB Ports you'll need a Powered USB Hub something like this one here


Or a Power Adapter for the External HDD Case depending on your preference.

Also depending on what security you had in place previously you may need to Take Ownership of your Files/Folders by following the directions here


As for the NB no longer booting if there where games installed it is quite possible that the OS has been corrupted. It is far less likely to have another failed M'Board in a 6 month period but it is possible though it should still be Under Warranty and other then the freight each way it should be a Free Repair.


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by dotorperiod2 In reply to Yes you can connect to a ...

I guess I knew it would be easy!

Is this site mainly in Austrailia?

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No but they where the first sites that came up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WOW!

When I did a Google Search for those products.

But that may just be because I use Google AU as my Home Page.

Of course being during our day helped no end as most of the other countries where no longer at work.


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External case

by mmauer In reply to Connecting a dead laptop ...

Yes you can take out the hard drive, but you will need to put it into a external case. Some computer shops will do the labour for free when you buy the External hard drive case.

Once the Hard drive is in the external case you can connect it via usb to your HP Pavillion.

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You will also need to take ownership of the files

by IC-IT In reply to Connecting a dead laptop ...

Here is a link to take ownership with either XP Pro or Home.


Re: being a home user; no problem this site is meant to assist anyone (except requests for password hacks). ;-) Welcome to TR

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Thanks bwilmot!!

by dotorperiod2 In reply to You will also need to tak ...

I didn't have your name but Thanks!

It is XP Pro and would be the latest version as I do auto updates.

Well, I had to change the password on my desktop at home to keep my sons off of it while they get their chores done!!! lol Anyway I hope I can remember what I changed it to!!! But thats another question and If I need to I will post later, AFTER I get the dead laptop data to my laptop.

I also hope there are some folks here that may be good with Vista, I know, Please dont throw rocks at me but I know XP is going away so thought I would just take the knocks with Vista and just jump in!

Thanks again,


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Actually XP isn't going anywhere at all

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks bwilmot!!

M$ on the other hand would love everyone to dump their XP installations and buy Vista but it ain't going to happen. Not in the Short Term at least.

To give you some idea of how things work I removed a 98 System from a Domain today and replaced it with a NT4 system. The NT4 is a new build that was put into service to day to replace a 3 year old 98 system. The Mission Critical Software that this unit needs to run will not work on anything newer than NT4 so they are keeping NT4 in use till they either switch OS's to something else that works for them or they sell the company. I think it will be the company being sold in this case.

I still support DOS installations for a CAM Plant here and M$ still sell me DOS Licenses they cost about $60.00 a hit and I laughed at their rep who suggested I buy a Vista Ultimate or Business License and use the Backward Compatible License. $60.00 as apposed to $333.00 I know what the customer would say and I can't say I disagree either.

As far as XP goes I have just removed all of the existing computers from a Real Estate Office here and replaced them with XP Computers it's an upgrade from Windows 2000 and will be in use for at least another 6 to 8 years.

M$ may be telling the gullible who listen to them what they want to happen but in Real Life it's not going to happen in the expected time frame expounded by M$. I personally do not see any reason to move from XP as it's stable works and the costs involved in Downgrading to Vista are prohibitive.

In other words not a single Business Reason to even consider the move and lots of reasons why there is no advantage to the move.


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Tounge In Cheek!

by dotorperiod2 In reply to Actually XP isn't going a ...

I'm sure XP will be around for awhile.

Its just that MS will stop supporting it via phone...

Anyway, As I was shopping for a new laptop it would have COST ME MORE to have vista removed and XP installed.

Actually so far, I haven't had that much trouble with vista at home.

I work for ATT and they changed OS from Windows 2000 to XP and I am happy they did. I didn't have any trouble with W2K but I just like XP better.

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