Connecting a G & N wireless routers (wirelessly) to extend signal?

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Hi I have a wireless G Router that was wirelessly connected to an older G extender and the signal was o.k. with moderate throughput. I'd like to increase the signal (hence my purchasing a new N router), since my new wireless N is not connecting with a stronger signal although throughput seems to be higher. Would this entail the original extender somehow as in using the new N router as the "base" extending the signal with the G wireless extender (first problem? compatibility)? If that worked could I then connect the wireless G router (via LAN cable) to the extender and further broadcast the original DSL internet signal? I expect my throughput will take a hit using the G wireless router. I am trying to stream videos but it is cutting out on my media player. They stop and go stutter then go again for about 5 seconds at a time. So wireless N Router to wireless G (old extender) extender connecting then by LAN cable to wireless G router? I am not an expert and have looked all around but no one seems to be directly answering such a question. Some even suggest that you CAN connect two wireless modems wirelessly others say you cannot. Please help,


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purchase additional N devices

by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Connecting a G & N wirele ...

Step 1.
connect the pc via wire to the router to make sure the video stream is not stuttering via the cable also. If it still does the stuttering it's simply that your isp is not giving you enough bandwith the watch online videos.

Step 2.
answering the Q.
when purchasing a wireless N router and you want the have additional bandwith on your wireless network, you need to purchase wireless N network cards also. If you do not purchase the N cards, the wireless router is broadcasting on G and N frequencies, and your pc's are picking up the G frequency, so basicly as far as they are concerned nothing has changed. same goes for the wireless G extender, purchase a wireless N extender.


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