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    Connecting a Netgear Switch to a router wirelessly

    by knotty678 ·

    We have opted to upgrade our broadband to a quicker fibre connection.
    The current router sits in the centre of the house providing wifi and is connected to a Netgear ProSafe 24 Port Gigabit Switch which distributes throughout the house for smart TVs, Sonos, Synology NAS, etc.
    For the installation, we would need to move the router from its current location to where the fibre enters from outside. The switch has to remain where it is.
    I want to connect the switch to the router in its new location. Running an ethernet cable from the router to the switch would be quite difficult.
    I wondered if it is possible to connect the switch to a wireless access point?
    Would this be the correct piece of hardware? What specifications should I look for? Should I use another router to manage the switch?
    Any thoughts or suggestions please?

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      Yes there are wireless links but

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Connecting a Netgear Switch to a router wirelessly

      They run into issues with speed and distance. The best ones have a dish and gear to tackle that but can be costly.

      Since this is a house, I would not go wireless but look at a high speed powerline network system. I use the following since I want to be sure I’m not pushing the speed limit of a cheap powerline kit:
      “TP-Link AV1300 Powerline WiFi Extender – AC1350 Dual Band WiFi, Gigabit Port, Noise Suppression Design, Plug&Play, Power Saving(TL-WPA8630 KIT)”

      This also gives me great WiFi since we can’t count on the router if it’s moved to say a basement.

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      Yes , It possible by access point

      by msd82004 ·

      In reply to Connecting a Netgear Switch to a router wirelessly

      Yes, it is possible to connect your switch to a wireless access point (WAP) to extend your network without running an Ethernet cable between the router and the switch. You can use a wireless bridge or a wireless media converter to achieve this. And if you need a requirement please contact the technical support of networking sites such as, etc.

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      Hey knotty678,

      by AriaDreamer ·

      In reply to Connecting a Netgear Switch to a router wirelessly

      So, you’re sending your router on a fiber-optic adventure while the trusty Netgear switch holds the fort? Bravo! Here’s a wireless wizardry trick:

      Access Point Enchantment: Yes, you can totally connect the switch to a wireless access point. It’s like introducing them at a tech-savvy party.

      Access Point Matchmaking: Find an access point with strong signal charm, preferably one that can groove on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Look for the WPA2/3 security seal of approval.

      Strategic Dance Floor: Place the access point strategically between the router’s new location and the switch’s comfort zone. Think of it as their special networking rendezvous.

      Router Revival: Got an old router collecting dust? Give it a new role as an access point. Just remind it to leave the routing drama behind.

      Network Harmony: No need for a router-referee for the switch. Just ensure the access point and router are in the same networking groove.

      Remember, it’s a dance of signals, but once they find their rhythm, your gadgets will be partying all over the house.

      Keep the tech tango going,

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