connecting a netgear WGT624v2 to Comcast ISP

By sseaberg ·
I am currently trying set up my wireless netwrok at home, we just switch to comcast service from DSL but I am unable to set up the netwrok. Comcast says that because I am using a seperate wireless router, that is what is causing a conflict and the reason why I am unable to use it. Netgear stated, sorry the item is out of warranty and we can not help you.

Anyone have some ideas???

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Try this

by mikex In reply to connecting a netgear WGT ...

Connect control PC/Laptop to 1 of your router 4 network ports with a cable(do not connect cable to WAN port - separate from others), open a browser=>type in address bar:>user= admin, password=password=>this should bring you to your router control windows=>Clone MAC address in wan section if wizard is not working=>Setup all Wireless, DHCP (LAN), and security settings, WAN section should be obtained automatically from Comcast...

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Remaining Connection Issue

by dddelan In reply to Try this

Comcast Cable Modem issue with Netgear wireless router

I?ve just signed up and had installed the Comcast Triple (Phone, Internet, TV) package

For the internet / phone Comcast supplied an Arris Tm 602g/ct modem. This is a combination modem with internet and voip in one unit.

For wireless I have a netgear wireless router wgt624 v2. At first I couldn?t get this router to work. Then I read the posts bout cloning the MAC address in the router. This router is now configured with the right MAC address and seems to work.

However, here is the issue: Basically, I can only have one device connected via wireless at a time.

When two or more devices are connected via the wireless router the one of connections is interrupted . I have tested this over and over.

Is there a solution?

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See your own posted question.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Remaining Connection Issu ...

Asking the same question in two different places causes confusion. See your own posted question for answers.

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