connecting a printer?

By IT2MD ·
correct me if i'm wrong please...but a friend asked me about this and i want to make sure i gave the right answer...

my friend's home network consists for a wireless router...her laptop...and an HP Printer (sorry don't know the model but it's NOT wireless)

anyway...she wanted to know if there was a way to connect her printer to the network wirelessly...

without thinking about to much...i told her it was not possible if it wasn't a wireless printer...

i'm thinking it has to be connected to the network via ethernet or usb cable...right?

Please let me know if i'm right in my answer...this a good friend and i don't want to give her erroneous information...


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That is the normal thing to happen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to connecting a printer?

But it's possible that there may be an option to add a WiFi Card tot he Printer depending on the model.

Some of the printers that have a RJ45 Connection do have the ability to have a WiFi Card added so this is very model dependent.


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Connecting Older Printers

by underdog In reply to connecting a printer?

If your friend has an older printer that she wants to connect to her network, she can find several wireless printer hubs on eBay for a decent price. The only caveat is that you must purchase the correct type of printer server.

The better printer servers will have Ethernet, USB, and a parallel printer port. Other printer servers may contain only one of the three connectors. And, most important, make sure the print server is wireless.

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