Connecting a VPN behind cisco pix 515e firewall

By prathiviji ·

From one of the client machine which is behind a cisco pix firewall, I am trying to connect to a a remote machinw using vpn. When i dial the connection, it stays as veryfying Username and password and doest connect. What's the configuration issue in Cisco PIX

Any help will be much appreciated


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VPN Behind Cisco Pix 5151e

by bzaidipk In reply to Connecting a VPN behind c ...

First of all, specify through which protocol you want to connect. If this through PPTP, then on the other end, PPTP port 1723 must be opened in firewall which is at other end. And use connection protocol PPTP while conencting from Client.

Hope this will sort out the matter.


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Outgoing VPN behind a PIX

by jcummings In reply to Connecting a VPN behind c ...

I had the same issue. Along with allowing the usual protocols, I had to add a fixup line for PPTP.

fixup protocol pptp 1723

That along with these lines in the access list allowed me to VPN out:

access-list 100 permit udp any any eq 1701
access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq pptp
access-list 100 permit udp any any eq isakmp
access-list 100 permit udp any any eq 5500

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same problem with VPN Client 4.6?

by dotnetnoob In reply to Outgoing VPN behind a PIX

I think I have the same problem. Trying to connect from behind a PIX 506e to a remote 506e with client 4.6...can't authenticate with the client.

I can connect to the remote 506e when I test from locations outside this network.

Is this a fixup issue? If so, what protocol needs to be fixed/no-fixed?

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by alenstanojevic In reply to same problem with VPN Cli ...

try alias command for that matter - enables inside users to access company resources by their outside public ip addresses!
here is an article :

Hope it helps - did for me (after a week of seeking the solution)


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Here Is The Right Simple Solution

by cmesut In reply to same problem with VPN Cli ...

On the remote and Local Pix(where Vpn Client is behind it) Pixes just apply :

PixFrw# config term
PixFrw(config)# fixup protocol pptp 1723
PixFrw(config)# isakmp nat-traversal

That's it ...Working great ...

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