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    Connecting a WAN + 4port LAN modem


    by romanus.odiwe ·

    I have a standard bt broadband Voyager router (always
    conected -no dial up) connected to a mac via USB and
    a lap top via apple airport base station. I want to
    connect another mac and a pc to the broadband, so I
    have bought a WAN with 4 port LAN wirless ADSL
    modem router and a wireless card for the pc. However I
    do not know how to set them up. Do I just unplug the bt
    router, and put the adsl line into the wan port and the
    other computers and airport base station into the lans?
    Or does the new modem router have to go through the
    bt voyager 200 Router? Can you help me wire and
    configure to use al the machines on the broadband?
    Thanks in advance

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      Reply To: Connecting a WAN + 4port LAN modem

      by p.j.hutchison ·

      In reply to Connecting a WAN + 4port LAN modem

      Disconnect the voyager router. Connect new modem router to phone line, the airport basestation can be connected to the Router. The router should be configured for your ADSL ISP provider via web i/f or whatever. Then it should provide DHCP for the wireless clients. The basestation should have its DHCP disabled and its IP address matching the router modem.

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