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Connecting a wireless router to a wired router

By ooofence ·
Good Morning. Some background info: D-Link DI-704P wired router already on my home network. I just purchased the D-Link DI-624 wireless router and I would like to know if I can link the two routers together, using the 624 as an access point more then anything else. Is what I am intending to do possible or will there be too many issues linking the two routers that I should just ditch the 704P? Thank you.

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Not only Possible, Very Easy

by rkuhn In reply to Connecting a wireless rou ...

I have the DI-624+ and the DI-614+. Both wireless routers.

I have connected the DI-614+ to the DI-624+ via a CAT5 cable some 50 feet away creating two slightly overlapping concentric wireless circles...not only enlarging my wireless network but also increasing the signal strength at any given point in my home.

Just fixed the WAN IP address of your DI-624, turn off DHCP, and make sure to statically assign the IP in the DI-704P (also consider additional factors if you use IP filters or MAC address filtering on the DI-704P).

I've been quite happy with my setup and my laptop automatically logs onto the router with the strongest signal (on the fly) as I move around my home and property.

Also, I kept the older DI-614+ because then I don't need a switch...I have 2 servers, 2 PC's, and 2 laptops at home. The DI-624+ only has 4 ports so now I have 8 ports (DI-614+ also has 4 ports).

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Thank you

by ooofence In reply to Not only Possible, Very E ...

Thank you for the advise. I as assuming that since D-Link routers do not have an uplink port I would need to use a crossover cable to link the two routers?

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Crossover Cable

by rkuhn In reply to Thank you

I can't prove this (probably could using product documentation) but unbelievably I just went from LAN port to LAN port using a regular old crossover needed.

I suppose (hard to believe with a cheaper router) that the LAN ports are auto-sensing. Even the much more expensive Cisco switches at work don't do this!

I've haven't tried it, but I imagine going from WAN to LAN ports (to free up a port) would probably require a crossover cable though.

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