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    Connecting Acer Aspire 3680 to internet wirelessly


    by dgdleon ·

    I have a new Acer aspire 3680 with Vista and I’m trying to wirelessly
    connect it to the internet. I also just bought and set up a Linksys
    Wireless G router. The laptop detects and is connected to the wireless
    network just fine but the internet doesn’t work (unless I plug in the
    ethernet, then it connects that way).

    It is connected to the network but just can’t get online. I have another
    desktop machine connected by ethernet to the router (which is a Linksys
    Wireless G) and it accesses the internet just fine.

    I have only the most basic understanding of networks- please help-
    thanks! I saw another post on this but the description of what to do
    was over my head.

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