connecting branch offices accross the cities

By ansrali ·
my organization is spread over the whole span of country. now we are required to connect all offices using some data network so all office can be provided with broadband network as well as other data services.

in my view WiMAX can be a solution. some body can guide me in this respect?

waiting for answers.

thanks in advance

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by cmiller5400 In reply to connecting branch offices ...

Use a T1 connection or VPN over DSL, cable etc.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Use

There is a T1 line here, and there is a telecommuter. How can the T1 line be accessed on both ends?

There is no server here currently. The computers at the office share a T1 line via an ethernet switch.

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In the US, DSL would be cheaper, but Pakistan has some WiMAX infrastructure

by robo_dev In reply to connecting branch offices ...

WiMax is 'last mile' technology, meaning that it can connect you to your ISP, and from there you could establish VPN connections between offices.

The real decision criteria is cost verus bandwidth. Typical actual WiMAX speeds are around 10MBs upstream/downstream which is faster than a DSL circuit, but slower than a dedicated fractional T-1 circuit.

Wateen Telecom is your WiMax provider.

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Re: connecting branch offices accross the cities

by joegwaladi In reply to connecting branch offices ...

Yeah WiMax is a very plausible option but that could be quite costly if the distance is huge. You could also opt for VPN, that way you do not necessarily need any dedicated hardware and thus you could cut down expenses.

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