Connecting Cisco switch to Netgear Hub

By stobek ·

I have a Cisco Catalyst 1900 switch (24 ports along with A and B) that I am trying to set up. When I connect it to the Netgear hub (which has working internet), the switch does not see the network/internet. If I move the switch over to the location of a previously working switch and plug in the network cables, it works fine.

When connected to the Netgear hub, the "Status of port" for the cable between the hub and the switch says "Suspended-no-linkbeat". When I move the Cisco switch to a different location with a working switch and hook it up, I get the "Status of port" saying "Enabled".

Is there a known conflict between Cisco switches and Netgear hubs? Or am I unable to connect a Cisco switch to a hub in general?

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didn't think anyone used hubs anymore

by CG IT In reply to Connecting Cisco switch t ...

uplinks between switches require a cross over cable.

switchport to switchport doesn't.

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by stobek In reply to didn't think anyone used ...

I had checked the cables before to make sure they were the correct ones (looked at picture on the net to make sure they were) and they seemed to be crossover cables.

My supervisor came over and I asked him about it and he told me they were not crossover (Guess I gotta figure out the difference now). We switch to crossover and it works now. Thanks for the help =)

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by CG IT In reply to Thanks!

device to device [or uplinks]requires a cross over cable. Cisco uses the A&B ports as uplink, on some consumer level switches that would be the 5th switchport, X over.

if you go switch port to switch port [ Cisco would be any port 1-24 on consumer level 1-4] to another device's , switchport [any port that is not an uplink port] you can use straigh thru.

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What is the model number

by NetMan1958 In reply to Connecting Cisco switch t ...

of the Netgear hub?

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