Connecting desktop to wireless router

By saveu1 ·
Im trying to set up a wireless home network. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, desktop running Windows XP without wireless capability and a wireless capable laptop running on Vista. I have managed to get the laptop off and running. Now I want to connect my desktop. I considered adding PCI card in the box, but I have decided to just hard wire the desktop directly to router via ethernet cable. (I dont want to slow my wireless connection down anymore than neccessary, as I do have a wireless printer and Wii running on it as well.) I have tried connecting the desktop this way and I am not able to get a connection on the desktop. Im not too tech savy(learning as I go!)so I'm not sure what steps I need to take at this point to remedy the desktop connection problem. After a few hours of research, I have not been able to find anything to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
A few side questions...
1. Am I going to run into a problem trying to run Windows XP/desktop & Vista/laptop on the same router if configure the set up as described above?
2. Also having a problem with my laptop freezing up & having to restart the modem, router & laptop often. Based on research, I believe it is due to the Linksys router itself. If I hardware the desktop to router for the internet connection, am I going to have the same problem with the desktop?
3. I have to completely unplug the printer and Wii to get the laptop to connect to the wireless internet connection FIRST, and then I can turn on the printer ect. without interferance with my laptop internet connection. Is that normal? All of these components are in the same room if that makes a difference.
I know there are a lot of questions here, but as I said before, help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated!

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You seem to have this all arse about face ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Connecting desktop to wir ...

If you'll pardon my Scottish vernacular expression - it is the most effective!

Normally, when a wireless router is added to the mix, you START with a cable connection from the desktop to the router. Then, one by one, you add the wireless components. How you have managed to introduce all these wireless units BEFORE the wired one, defeats my understanding - in theory it shouldn't work.

Also you appear to be one component HEAVY - why have you got a modem when you've got a wireless router (which is also a modem)?

The router and the Desktop PC should be initially introduced to each other ALONE by cable - the router should've come with a drivers disc which you'd use to configure the router.

After that point, providing the router is configured for multiple wireless connections, each wireless component would simply join the network. The laptop should have the same network name as the desktop and the same password.

I'm still amazed you've done all this without ever having a cabled connection!

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connect desktop to wireless router

by saveu1 In reply to You seem to have this all ...

Thank you for your reply. Well, I'm not surprised I did it backwards! Like I said, I'm trying to figure this out as I go. A little history as to how/why it was done this way..I have a DSL connection. Previously is was run to the desktop via internet modem. I diconnected the desktop while doing a home remodel, purchased a laptop during this time & initially had it hooked up thru modem without the wireless connection. Upon deciding to go wireless, I purchased the wireless router & set it up via driver disc intructions. So the internet wire is run to the modem. The router is plugged into back of modem to pick up internet connection. I have the laptop running off of the wireless connection the router is putting off. I then later linked the wireless printer & Wii from the signal being put off from the wireless router as well. So, with that said, does it still sound as if the modem & router are redundant? I didnt realize that I could just omit the modem from the equation all together by using the router in its place. The driver instructions didnt explain it that way.
The router does support multiple wireless connections & has multiple ports in the back for connecting additional wired components as well.
I hope that all makes sense now. So I gather I should 1)try removing all wireless components that are connected to the router. 2)Remove the modem and put the wireless router in its place. 3)Hardwire the desktop internet connection to the router and THEN 4)start adding the wireless components.
Please let me know if any of the info I gave you above changed anything and if I got the right idea now...Thanks

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It really all depends on your ISP ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to connect desktop to wirele ...

My knowledge of American ISPs is limited - apart from using a couple of hotel wireless links over the years, I'm a complete dumpkoff!

If your ISP doesn't restrict you to using their Modem (some do) then I see no benefit retaining the modem (unless you're using a cable connection).

If you have no enforced need for the modem I'd remove it from the loop and run with the wireless router providing your access to the outside world. Since it may make a difference - ie the router having access to the phone line without going through the modem - I'd connect the Desktop PC to the wireless router with a standard cable connection and run the Router CD as if you'd just taken it out of it's box.

Once your Desktop PC and Wireless Router are conversing with each other, connecting ONE wireless device at a time, should be a matter of simplicity.

You'd really be much better off having your Desktop PC connected by cable anyway, because it'll have a far faster connection than you could ever achieve with an already multi-shared wireless connection.

BTW - thanks for the peermail. :)

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