Connecting Desktop w/Wireless Card to existing d-link router thru

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Sorry to sound like an idiot but . . . .I recently moved in with a friend who has a laptop with wireless internet. The internet service is with Verizon and the router is a d-link. I did not have a wireless card in my desktop so I purchased a linksys. I have my desktop in my room plugged into power and ran the CD, which came with my linksys wireless card. I can see the internet connection (SSID) that my friend has previously set up but I still am unable to get connected to the internet. Is this because I need her passphrase? Like I said, I can see her internet SSID plus our neighbors around us but I cannot connect? And, once I get the passphrase, will I have to type this everytime?

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sounding like ones better than being one...

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Are you able to connect to the network and just unable to access the internet, or are you unable to access the wireless network.

If your connected to the network check your internet settings are configured to utilise the new connection.

If your not connected to the network sounds like you need the passphrase to connect, and you shouldnt need to enter it every time depending on your setup once you have set up the connection on your desktop.

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