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Connecting domain controllers

By hhop1 ·
Hi Techrepublic,

I'm trying to setup DFS for directory replication for my network. However, before I do this I need to be able to connect to other domains within the network (IPVPN) so that domain controllers can talk to each other. The problem I'm having is I cannot connect to other domains or DCs. I can share files through mapping over IP addresses but the other servers/domains are not visible in DNS, WINS, or AD.

Here is the configuration of my network:

Site Melbourne:
NetBIOS of DC: melb
Domain name: (DOMONE pre-2000)

Site Sydney:
NetBIOS of DC: syd
Domain name: (SYDNEY pre-2000)

Site Canberra:
NetBIOS of DC: ca
Domain name: (CANBERRA pre-2000)

Each site has only 1 DC.

Eg. If I log on to DC ca in Canberra and run AD Domains and Trusts, I cannot connect to other domain controllers because other controllers are not available, and vice versa.

Thanks for your help.

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by CG IT In reply to Connecting domain control ...

humm create the sites in Active Directory Sites and Services. then associate a subnet to the site. Assign a metric to the site link and schedule replication traffic over the site links.

your domain tree appears to be as follows: subdomains and I'll assume that DNS has only 1 zone which encompasses the and sydney and Because there is one domain with subdomains sydney and canberra of, there is an inherent 2 way transitive trust between the root domain [ and subdomains sydney and . No need to configure trust relationships between them.

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by CG IT In reply to

replication failed because you didn't configure AD sites and services with each of your sites [except the root] and associate a subnet to each site in AD. then schedule replication traffic.

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