Connecting DSL to Hub to wireless router

By Montani ·
I am retired and trying to help my son-in-law in his new business. He has a DSL modem going into a Netgear Prosafe VPN switch (FVS318V3)with only one port vacant out of 8. He wants to add 4 more PCs and a printer to the network and he wants them to be wireless. We would prefer to use the automated setup as we did with the Netgear device due to our lack of networking skill. Rather than buy a wireless router with 8 RJ45 ports, can I just connect a smaller Linksys wireless router to the vacant port on the Netgear unit and have it automatically set up the IP addresses for the 4 new wireless PCs?
If not, what do you suggest?

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Not router

by tintoman In reply to Connecting DSL to Hub to ...

You can do this by using the one remaining port to plug in a wireless access point, that way the IP addresses will continue to be issued by the VPN switch and so reducing the chances of network address mismatch.
Please note this to be an access pont only not a router

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Please note this to be an access pont only not a router

by Montani In reply to Not router

How do you do note this to be an access point only in a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router? You are saying that the Netgear unit will continue to issue IP addresses to the new wireless PCs through the connection between my last vacant port and the new Linksys wireless router, right? Thank you so much for your help. My knowledge of networking is somewhat dated.

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Use it as an access point

by tintoman In reply to Please note this to be an ...

~I am not familiar with that model in particular but it some cases you can use the configuration page to set the router as an access point only, and turn of the DHCP server feature.
It might be better in your case to buy a unit which is only designed to be an access point

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Thank you

by Montani In reply to Use it as an access point

Thank you for you timely information. This will help me tremendously.

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Access Point vs Router

by CG IT In reply to Thank you

Many consumers make the mistake of buying a Wireless router and placing it on a network that already has a router, in effect creating 2 networks.

If you currently have a router on the network, and the Netgear FVS 318 hub as you call it actually is a router with a built in 8 port switch , and wish to have wireless connectivity, then you should buy an Access Point not a router.

The Access Point does not route packets and only provides Wireless connectivity to the network.

Be sure to update the firmware on the Access Point to the latest version. Some of the older models do not support the latest WPA security. Never use WEP.

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The Netgear FVS318 is a router

by Montani In reply to Access Point vs Router

The Netgear unit is a router. If I connect a wireless access point to the one remaining port on the Netgear router it will continue to use DHCP to assign IP addresses in the same range as the hard wired PCs, to the wireless PCs connected to the wireless Access Point then, right? It will work as though the Netgear router had additional ports? Thanks!

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yes it will

by CG IT In reply to The Netgear FVS318 is a r ...

It provides access to the network wirelessly. There's no firewall and no routing functions which might block UDP or TCP traffic as a router with a firewall does. It does have wireless security features [not a firewall] such as MAC address filtering, SSID hiding, WPA key security etc. There is no limit to the # of connections except the # of address available to be assigned by the addressing Class you use. Typically a Class C addressing scheme allows for 254 hosts [devices] to obtain an address.

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If for some reason

by Dumphrey In reply to Connecting DSL to Hub to ...

you can not get the linksys wireless router to act as an access point, linksys sells several wireless access points.

is one I have used several times, its the access point only version of the router you have. Its simple to set up, has a decent range, and seems to be reliable.

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