connecting dsl to laptop

By kumasi ·
I just received my dsl kit from the phone co. I tried to plug the ethernet cable that came in the kit into my laptop's rj-45 jack. It will not fit in the rj-11 jack which is for the phone line. If it is suppose to go in the latter is there an adapter I can purchase say at radio shack which will allow me to use the rj-ll jack on the side of mylaptop.
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Network Device

by TheChas In reply to connecting dsl to laptop

Most DSL modems are either USB or Network devices. What causes some confusion is that the DSL signal travels over the phone line.

Yes, the cable from the DSL modem will need to plug into a RJ45 network connection. NOT a RJ11 phone line connection. Depending on the modem, you may need to use a cross-over cable.


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Answer To DSL Laptop Connection

by kumasi In reply to connecting dsl to laptop

This is a shout out to "the Chas" for giving attention to my question. By the way Chas the hardware is an At&T 2Wire Gateway router with motem. Will I still have to purchase a "cross-over" cable?
Peace Always

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Straight Cable

by TheChas In reply to Answer To DSL Laptop Conn ...

Since the modem has a router built in, you would use a standard straight CAT 5 cable to connect between the PC and the modem.

You use a cross-over cable to connect 2 network devices directly together. The router in the modem takes care of this for you.


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by mjd420nova In reply to connecting dsl to laptop

The input to the DSL modem maybe an RJ-11, but the output should be an RJ-45 LAN/CAT-5
connector. RJ-11 connectors are a maximum of 4 wires and is physically smaller than an RJ-45 connector which has 8 wires. They are not interchangable.

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