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Connecting External Hard Drive directly to router

By maxkoz ·
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible, and how I could connect my external hard drive to my router so wireless computers can acces it.

Thanks for your help.


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by CG IT In reply to Connecting External Hard ...

has to have a network card so it can have an address.

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You CAN Connect, Even Through A Wireless Router

by clone.9000 In reply to

Linksys has a product called the "Linksys Network Storage Link" which allows you to take any ordinary USB External hard drive and connect it to your router, wired or wireless. I was able to find one online easily. Hooked it up, works perfectly.

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Linksys Netwok storage link is a commitment

by jsaccardo In reply to You CAN Connect, Even Thr ...

There's one huge catch with the Network Storage Link, however - it uses its own proprietary disk format. So you can't take the USB 2.0 disk or flash drive off and connect it to a PC directly - the PC won't recognise the format. You can't hot-plug devices, either. Flash drives need manual unmounting via a utility, and the NSL needs to be powered down to remove or attach a USB 2.0 hard disk.

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by robo_dev In reply to Connecting External Hard ...

Buy a 'network attached storage' device. this is an external hard drive with it's own embedded computer and a network interface.

You have the drive, but you would need a computer as well as a network interface to make it 'connect' to your router.

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by toughguy000 In reply to Connecting External Hard ...

Purchase a NAS, Better off with higher speeds then the ability of anything that you could "mod".

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Belkin n router

by royal08854 In reply to Connecting External Hard ...

Try belkin N+ router.

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$79 Aust Solution

by Rob C In reply to Connecting External Hard ...

The OP could be dead by now ?
This is for future Googlers.

This request is quite common out there, and
nowhere did I see a nice cheap solution.
If you don't have a router, then you get everything for $79
If you have a Router, and would like to keep it in the mix, then this solution can be added to your router.

Asus RTN13U Wireles N router.
CPL in Melbourne, say you can keep the existing router, and connect the Asus to it, in 'bridge mode'
That way we can plug the eternal drive into that.
It's only $79 Dollars Aust

I have checked out the specs on the Asus web site, and anyone reading them, would suspect that I am 'smoking something' as they only discuss using the USB port for the printer. Though there is a faint hint, when they say it can be downloading whilst your PC is switched off
Cnet however goes into much more detail on our request, and they also give it a good attaboy

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