Connecting game consoles w/ shared connection over WLAN

By blackj3015 ·
i recently managed to share my internet connection with the wireless network card in my laptop but here's what's bothering me
i tried connecting my Wii and nintendo DS to the internet but it wont seem to let them through but when i tried connecting another laptop and pc it worked just fine.
my problem is, because i'm living at a student accomodation dorm i'm not allowed to use routers so if anyone knows a way around this problem i'd really appreciate the help

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what about a switch?

by Bit - Twiddler In reply to Connecting game consoles ...

You stated they will not allow "Routers", but didnt specify if they include switches.

Also could you not get some old p2 box, throw your preferred flavor fo linux on it, and use NAT (a basic HW firewall) to route packets? (There's a little more to it than this, but thats the nutshell)

Just a few ideas off the top of my head.


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RE: what about a switch?

by blackj3015 In reply to what about a switch?

sounds like a plan only i think its going to be hard to get my hands on an old p2 for that. another idea i have is to share my connection with wingate using an extra pcmcia ethernet card and a crossover cable, hook up the router on that and then connect my things on the router. the problem with this solution is that my laptop uses the newer pcmcia cards (keep forgetting what they're called. they're the smaller ones if anyone has any idea what i'm talking about) and the only ethernet card i have is the standard pcmcia.
unfortunately i'm not a computer or networking expert so some of these things make no sense to me

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