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Connecting HP 940C to Dell Laptop running Vista

By DCASU87 ·
I am looking for a workaround of some sorts which will allow a new Dell Studio Laptop to use a HP Deskjet 940C. Until recently, that printer has been used successfully on a Dell Desktop for several years. On their website HP is advising that the proper driver is contained within the Vista operating system and that no new one is necessary.

When the 940C was connected via a USB Port, Vista appeared to find the printer and even prompted that the drivers have been installed when the install sequence finished. However, when a test-print or any other kind of printing were attempted, nothing would print - error messages collected and where displayed in the printer que.

Today we were advised by HP that with the latest updates to Vista's OS, that an HP Deskjet 940C no longer is able to run on Vista because of new hardware requirements - i.e. all hardware connections must be USB 2.0 or higher. I wonder if, or when, they will update their website - I'm not holding my breath.

According to HP the only options are to chuck the printer and buy a new one, or to start deleting drivers, hard boot and then try to force it into thinking its a HP Deskjet 990C - I really think they're working to try to make us chuck all of our old hardware and buy new.
When the second suggestion was tried, all of the other USB connections went dead.

FYI: HP Diagnostic software was downloaded and supposedly confirmed that everything was operating properly. That same printer was successfully tested on another computer running XP.

Does anyone have a suggestions or a workarounds?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any ideas and/or suggestions you may have.

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Well as this is a result of changes introduced by M$ It's most likely corre

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Connecting HP 940C to Del ...

Well as this is a result of changes introduced by M$ It's most likely correct what HP has told you here.

You really should replace the Printer here but if you need to use it with Vista your only option is do a clean install of Vista get it working and apply updates till it stops one at a time. When it stops you will know which M$ Update killed the device off so either remove it if possible or reload the system and don't apply that Update and most likely any other newer ones. :)

Of course if you where to use this device on a XP Computer it would work quite nicely. Vista is just like XP here it requires new or at least different Hardware and during it's deployment things change and some items will no longer work. (I can remember applying SP1 for XP and needing to replace DVD Readers when this first came out.


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More & More the computer industry is about planned obsolence

by DCASU87 In reply to Well as this is a result ...

I thought about doing the Vista, install, then stage install as you mentioned, but that would just be so time consuming, and even though I'm a fixed cost, I'm really leaning towards looking at purchasing some printer that's on close out locally.

In some respects you have to hand it to the computer industry as a whole, and Little Willie Gates for being able to get away with building an operating system that makes anything older than 3 years obsolete. I'm thinking that its just a matter of time before some Senator from Michigan, hungry to get relected, decides to start making vehicles that are obsolete after 3 years so they can sell more cars *lol*.

Thanks for your input.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to More & More the computer ...

But if you think that is bad a 45K Network Printer sold by Cannon was rendered useless by the advent of a Vista computer being added to an existing network. At the time that printer was only 6 months old.

The people in question there opted to continue to use XP and forget about Vista because the Network Printer come Photocopier was budgeted for the next 5 years use. :)


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Vista has been causing all sorts of problems

by DCASU87 In reply to Your Welcome

I have a friend at Intel who told me the decided, en mass, that they wouldn't use Vista. To me that's really a statement of how bad its been!

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Could try and use the "compatibility"section.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Connecting HP 940C to Del ...

Delete the printer software, and then before re-install, right click on the printer software and select "compatibility mode", then select which operating system you would like it to run under. Then install the printer software.
Hope all works out for you.

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