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Connecting MAC and WinXP

I have my XP station setup succesfully to see my MAC OS 10.4, but the MAC can not find or attach to the XP machine.
What I've done:
In the firewall setting of the XP station. I had to individually add ports to open in my network: 548, 427, 139 on both UDP and TCP. I thought this would make a difference but it didn't. I was not able to add any ports in the "File and Print sharing" setting though. It seems like that's where it should have went.

The MAC can see the server but not this workstation.
Any thoughts? This is my first MAC setup.

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by zaferus In reply to Connecting MAC and WinXP

Turn off the XP firewall (temporarily). Can the MAC connect by going to the IP address?

If it can on your XP box at the command prompt (while the MAC is connected) run netstat. Viola, it should tell you the ports the MAC is using.

Re-enable and open these ports on the firewall and you should be going!

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by DAIUTO In reply to

I disable the firewall but still no luck.
A little more information:
Both stations are on a 2003 server. I was told that due to a recent outage of a T1 they have had this issue. First they couldn't get the MAC on at all, but made some change and got it connected. I wasn't with the company at that time.
Also when I browse through the network on the MAC I can see all the stations except this XP station. It just times out.

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by Sue T In reply to Connecting MAC and WinXP

Just a couple of thoughts. Do you have anything being shared from the XP machine (folder, documents, etc)? Are the permissions correct on this folder?

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by DAIUTO In reply to

All correct permissions have been granted. I just found out the unit is not on the Domain but is on the IP network. SHould that make a difference?

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by localdis003 In reply to Connecting MAC and WinXP

Yeah man look at answer 2 make sure you have something being
shared out from your XP box. Now here is another question, how
are you searching for the XP Box??????? by going to network? or by
pressing "apple-k" or under the "go" menue in the finder "connect
to server" under the connect to server just type in the ip and see
what happeneds

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by phanh In reply to Connecting MAC and WinXP

If you use "Connect to server" remember to use smb protocol. smb://server_ip/shared_folder.

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