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By megatech0 ·
I have a D-Link DSL-2540T 4-port router , and it works fine with my pc , but i bought a new laptop and when i connect the pc and the laptop to the router they both access the internet but i can't see the files shared from this one on that one and viceversa , BTW the PC uses windows xp professional and the laptop uses windows vista homepremium , please give a specific answer with steps , thanks.

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to connecting my home networ ...

Is the laptop in the same workgroup as the desktop? You will not be able to see files on the desktop from the laptop unless they are in the same workgroup and setup correctly.

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by megatech0 In reply to Workgroup

yes they are in the same workgroup , i want someone to tell me the exact steps to make this a succesful network please

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On the XP machine download "LLTD",

and just like info@.. said in his post they (computers) have to have (and be in) the same network group.
Once this is loaded on re-boot your computer, then try and link then again.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by megatech0 In reply to On the XP machine downloa ...

thanks for your reply and i will try and reply , but to be on the the safe-side , i make the computers in the same network group by writing the same workgroup name in both computers , right ? if i am wrong excuse me for my ignorance and please tell me the right way , thanks all

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A special request

by megatech0 In reply to connecting my home networ ...

please treat me as a complete idiot and tell me what should i do on both computers from the minute that i plug them in the router , sorry for bothering

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Job Role

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to A special request

I am still trying to figure out why you have "IT" in your job role....

Google it, if you cannot figure out how to put 2 computers in the same workgroup after doing that....oh man!

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Because I feel sorry.....

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Job Role

here is a link to follow that should get you on the right track to getting your problem solved. Do a little research on your own and see if you can figure it out, rather than someone just handing you the answer on a platter....learn a little.

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