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Connecting Oracle Remotely

By ahmedyousufuddin ·
I am connecting oracle remotely through dial up.
It is coneecting Successfully. But it is taking
25-35 seconds to connect. Where as I test
with SQL Server, it is taking lessthan 3 seconds
to connect. And we have Windows environment.
Can anyone tell me how i can minimize this delay
Thanks in Advance.

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by hewittm In reply to Connecting Oracle Remotel ...

Sometimes it can take longer for an Oracle client to look up the network connection details for a database than it takes to connect to that database.

So you might want to check that your Oracle connection uses a local TNSNAMES.ORA file on your client PC to look up the database name / server / port that you are connecting to.

The Windows registry entry TNS_ADMIN will control which TNSNAMES.ORA file is used. This reg entry will be somewhere in HKLM\SOFTWARE\ORACLE - but exactly where will depend on your Oracle version / client installation details.

If your TNS_ADMIN entry points to a Network server then this could explain your delay.

[If you have no TNS_ADMIN setting then a local TNSNAMES.ORA file will be used].

Hope this helps.

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by astephens In reply to Connecting Oracle Remotel ...

One other thing to check is the host entry in your tnsnames file. It will connect faster if you fully qualify the host name because it does not need to do a dns search every time you connect. Example: Use instead of HOST-myserver.

Hope this helps.

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