Connecting Peer-to-peer network to LAN

By diaspar ·
Hi all,
As part of my ever expanding role as dogsbody I've been asked to gather information on connecting a branch office that runs on a peer-to-peer network to our corporate LAN. Having very little networking experience I'm out of my depth.

Currently the branch office has 1 user who connects to us using a Watchguard muvpn client to our Watchguard box on the LAN, and then remote desktops into a dedicated workstation on the LAN. The branch is expanding to 3 users who potentially will need to access LAN resources concurrently.

Do we need to install a dedicated server at the branch as our IT vendor is keen to push, or is it sufficient to install a secondary Watchguard box at the branch and setup a vpn link between the two? Are there other options?

Any help/ suggestions are welcomed.

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LAN-to-LAN VPN connection

by robo_dev In reply to Connecting Peer-to-peer n ...

Assuming that there is a working LAN at the branch office, and assuming they have some sort of internet connection (e.g. DSL)....

Then the logical design would be to setup a site-to-site VPN between something like a Watchguard Firebox X appliance to your existing firebox box.

While there may be benefits from having a server at the branch office (shared storage, shared printing, authentication service), it is not vital.

The only other options would be private leased point-to-point data circuit. This would eliminate the need for a VPN, but may cost more to provision. A point-to-point circuit may allow you to more easily deploy VOIP or conventional telephony (e.g. giving the branch office phones a direct connection to your PBX).

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