Connecting remote Facilities.

By Pfischel ·
Connecting remote Facilities.
The company I work for has a remote facility (factory and shipping warehouse) that connects to our main facility via a bundled T1 MPLS. There are around 10 users that are connecting via Citrix to our business system, a machine monitoring system and RF barcode scanners all using the connection.

Over the last few months, I have been receiving a lot of pressure from various people in my organization to switch from the current circuit to business cable and use vpn.

I am at odds with them mainly because I have had great service on our MPLS circuit. If there is a problem, someone is usually working on it before I know anything has went wrong.

I am trying to be fair and I realise that the costs are tremendiously lower to use business cable. However I can't help but feel like this is the wrong direction.

Anyone have advice or any good information that can help me in either direction?

Peter J. Fischel

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Weigh your options....

by tmalo627 In reply to Connecting remote Facilit ...

How dependent on the intersite connection is the flow of business? Meaning if the connection went down, can business still operate smoothly? Can each facility still conduct operations internal to that site and use another method of communication like a phone? Do you have a good fail-over? These are the things you need to consider. If it seems like that can be the case, saving the money might be worth it. The big question to pose is a tough one to measure. How much money can potentially be lost due to an outage, and do the savings of the cable/VPN outweigh that?

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